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NFL Teams That Will Bounce Back.

Ah, as week one is now currently behind us football is everywhere. College, high-school, and now the best the Pros. Every-week there must be a winner and a loser every game, heck that is what it is. In the NFL though, what teams are sure to bounce back after a dreadful start to their 2013 campaign lets take a look. 

ATLANTA:Atlanta, not many expected the late and great Falcons to take a loss week one, although Atlanta was playing in New Orleans. As many expected the game turned into an offense battle, but after Atlanta used newly come running-back Steven Jackson early on with that fifty yard run to go up 10-0 the Falcons offense sputtered. Not using Jackson much later on as he finished with seventy seven yards not as many as he hoped after the great start. When Jackson faded so did the Falcons letting up thirteen straight points to lose the lead and eventually the game. Not this week though facing an extremely mediocre Rams team in Atlanta the Falcons will surely be ready. Look for a blow-out in this one prediction:31-13 Falcons


OAKLAND:Man were there alot of teams that played better than expected. Oakland one of those teams. Now I'm not saying Oakland will do even better than before, but playing against the pee wee team of the NFL the Jags, Oakland should be able to play well enough to win this time around. Oakland will raise some eyebrows this season, but lets not get to exicited, it's early. Prediction:21-6 Raiders.

GREEN BAY:The last team on this list, Green Bay actually looked very rounded in their first game against a top-tier opponent like the niners. Green Bay weathered the doubt and held tough the whole game, but late in the fourth could not stop the 49ers heavy powered offense. Green Bay actually exceeded expectations by many, not expected to be as great as usual on account of last season, boy did they show us wrong. Not saying people were expecting Green Bay to be bad, just not as good. Overall the Packers showed alot of promise in the toughest division in football, expect some fireworks next week against an also revenge seeking Redskins team. All in all the Packers get the win. Prediction:38-33 Packers.

Tell Me who I missed!

Best Offense Predictions

Each season there's the players that lead their respected position as the best player at the position, lets take a breakdown at these leaders.

Quarterback: Drew Brees. I pick Brees, which will get some negative responses, but I choose Brees because he is getting Sean Payton back. He also threw for the most yards in 2012 which i don't see him slowing down, as the Saints is a pass heavy team that had a slow start last season, but finished strong. Stats: 417 completions, 650 attempts, 4,945 yards, 40 touchdowns, 13 interceptions.

Running-back: Adrian Peterson. Did you really guess different? AP is going to run all day again. He might not break the rushing record or his predictions. One thing is certain he will lead the league in rushing again on a not so good pass offense. Stats: 337 attempts, 2,011 yards, 12 touchdowns.

Fullback: Marcel Reece. A traditional bruiser fullback in a league where it basically is non-existent not much more to say.

Wide-receiver: Calvin Johnson. Again you had to see this one coming. Megatron passed Jerry's record last season in an off year for the Lions. This year I expect even more from him, don't be surprised if he does even better as the Lions are a better team all-around. I expect Megatron to crush secondaries again making corners look foolish. Stats: 120 receptions, 1,763 yards, 7 touchdowns.

Tight-end: Hardest position to pick with all the drama at Tight end. Jason Witten. Another pick where I am going to get major hate for. Witten was fifth in the league in receptions and led all tight ends. Oh I forgot to say he ruptured his spleen and still did this, a pretty incredible feat. I can;t imagine what he will do this season. Stats: 103 receptions, 1,095 yards, 6 touchdowns.

Rookies Who'll Have an Impact

Every season there are those rookies that are being doubted, either overrated coming out of college, or on a disastrous team analysts, and fans often predict these players to not do well, but I'm going to switch it up and instead of bringing the negatives we will look at the positives of some high profile rooks. 

E.J Manuel. Why he can be good, Athletic Ability, looking at E.J he is the perfect example of the athletic quarterback. A 6'5, 240 lb quarterback with a cannon of an arm and the speed to run every once in a while will be a nice play-maker addition to a lowly Bills team. He also has a very quick release and great short throwing accuracy with the "zip" to squeeze the ball into tight windows. Along with the help from improving back C.J Spiller, Manuel could pull this Bills team out of the mud Best Case Stats: 298 completions, 470 attempts, 3,121 yards, 18 touchdowns, 11 interceptions. 65 carries, 411 yards, 4 touchdowns.

Tavon Austin. Austin has an amazing chance to be something special. Being a tiny slot receiver, Austin has blistering speed and amazing agility with acceleration. With excellent running ability we can look for Austin to make the explosive plays the Rams need this season. Running a 4.34 forty yard dash shows he has the speed that kills. Look for the Rams to give this versatile player the Ball whenever they can, special teams, wildcat, vertical routes, and screens. I can't wait to see this kid play. Best Case Stats: 67 receptions, 980 yards, 5 touchdowns.

Eddie Lacy. Lacy is finally the back the Packers can rely on since Ahmad Green. Lacy a beast in the Back field can be the workhorse the Packers need late in games to seal the deal. Lacy loves to run between the tackles and has the speed to breakthrough after passing the line. Look for him to get a lot of touches in this new looked Packer team. I can see him actually having 1,000 yards. Best Case Stats. 187 Carries 963 Yards, 7 Touchdowns.