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10 Sep

NFL Teams That Will Bounce Back.

Ah, as week one is now currently behind us football is everywhere. College, high-school, and now the best the Pros. Every-week there must be a winner and a loser every game, heck that is what it is. In the NFL though, what teams are sure to bounce back after a dreadful start to their 2013 campaign lets take a look. 

ATLANTA:Atlanta, not many expected the late and great Falcons to take a loss week one, although Atlanta was playing in New Orleans. As many expected the game turned into an offense battle, but after Atlanta used newly come running-back Steven Jackson early on with that fifty yard run to go up 10-0 the Falcons offense sputtered. Not using Jackson much later on as he finished with seventy seven yards not as many as he hoped after the great start. When Jackson faded so did the Falcons letting up thirteen straight points to lose the lead and eventually the game. Not this week though facing an extremely mediocre Rams team in Atlanta the Falcons will surely be ready. Look for a blow-out in this one prediction:31-13 Falcons


OAKLAND:Man were there alot of teams that played better than expected. Oakland one of those teams. Now I'm not saying Oakland will do even better than before, but playing against the pee wee team of the NFL the Jags, Oakland should be able to play well enough to win this time around. Oakland will raise some eyebrows this season, but lets not get to exicited, it's early. Prediction:21-6 Raiders.

GREEN BAY:The last team on this list, Green Bay actually looked very rounded in their first game against a top-tier opponent like the niners. Green Bay weathered the doubt and held tough the whole game, but late in the fourth could not stop the 49ers heavy powered offense. Green Bay actually exceeded expectations by many, not expected to be as great as usual on account of last season, boy did they show us wrong. Not saying people were expecting Green Bay to be bad, just not as good. Overall the Packers showed alot of promise in the toughest division in football, expect some fireworks next week against an also revenge seeking Redskins team. All in all the Packers get the win. Prediction:38-33 Packers.

Tell Me who I missed!

8 Aug

Best Offense Predictions

Each season there's the players that lead their respected position as the best player at the position, lets take a breakdown at these leaders.

Quarterback: Drew Brees. I pick Brees, which will get some negative responses, but I choose Brees because he is getting Sean Payton back. He also threw for the most yards in 2012 which i don't see him slowing down, as the Saints is a pass heavy team that had a slow start last season, but finished strong. Stats: 417 completions, 650 attempts, 4,945 yards, 40 touchdowns, 13 interceptions.

Running-back: Adrian Peterson. Did you really guess different? AP is going to run all day again. He might not break the rushing record or his predictions. One thing is certain he will lead the league in rushing again on a not so good pass offense. Stats: 337 attempts, 2,011 yards, 12 touchdowns.

Fullback: Marcel Reece. A traditional bruiser fullback in a league where it basically is non-existent not much more to say.

Wide-receiver: Calvin Johnson. Again you had to see this one coming. Megatron passed Jerry's record last season in an off year for the Lions. This year I expect even more from him, don't be surprised if he does even better as the Lions are a better team all-around. I expect Megatron to crush secondaries again making corners look foolish. Stats: 120 receptions, 1,763 yards, 7 touchdowns.

Tight-end: Hardest position to pick with all the drama at Tight end. Jason Witten. Another pick where I am going to get major hate for. Witten was fifth in the league in receptions and led all tight ends. Oh I forgot to say he ruptured his spleen and still did this, a pretty incredible feat. I can;t imagine what he will do this season. Stats: 103 receptions, 1,095 yards, 6 touchdowns.

8 Aug

Rookies Who'll Have an Impact

Every season there are those rookies that are being doubted, either overrated coming out of college, or on a disastrous team analysts, and fans often predict these players to not do well, but I'm going to switch it up and instead of bringing the negatives we will look at the positives of some high profile rooks. 

E.J Manuel. Why he can be good, Athletic Ability, looking at E.J he is the perfect example of the athletic quarterback. A 6'5, 240 lb quarterback with a cannon of an arm and the speed to run every once in a while will be a nice play-maker addition to a lowly Bills team. He also has a very quick release and great short throwing accuracy with the "zip" to squeeze the ball into tight windows. Along with the help from improving back C.J Spiller, Manuel could pull this Bills team out of the mud Best Case Stats: 298 completions, 470 attempts, 3,121 yards, 18 touchdowns, 11 interceptions. 65 carries, 411 yards, 4 touchdowns.

Tavon Austin. Austin has an amazing chance to be something special. Being a tiny slot receiver, Austin has blistering speed and amazing agility with acceleration. With excellent running ability we can look for Austin to make the explosive plays the Rams need this season. Running a 4.34 forty yard dash shows he has the speed that kills. Look for the Rams to give this versatile player the Ball whenever they can, special teams, wildcat, vertical routes, and screens. I can't wait to see this kid play. Best Case Stats: 67 receptions, 980 yards, 5 touchdowns.

Eddie Lacy. Lacy is finally the back the Packers can rely on since Ahmad Green. Lacy a beast in the Back field can be the workhorse the Packers need late in games to seal the deal. Lacy loves to run between the tackles and has the speed to breakthrough after passing the line. Look for him to get a lot of touches in this new looked Packer team. I can see him actually having 1,000 yards. Best Case Stats. 187 Carries 963 Yards, 7 Touchdowns.

8 Aug

Who's Careers Were TOO Short?

Football is obviously a physical sport. More back then rather than now, but still from August till January all the players are getting hit taking wear and tear on their bodies. Year in year out it takes a toll on the players physical, and mental health, this combined with not having any time to see family, or relax factors into a lot of players retirement decisions. Some players retire early in their prime, some way to late. When players retire too late it gets ugly, but when a player retire too early it's a shame, never really getting to see their full potential, lets take a look at players who had their career cut too short.

4. Jim Brown. Many know Jim Brown as one of the best Backs ever, setting many rushing records back in the 1950's. Jim set all the records at Running Back and wanted to retire with minimal injuries, but was it too early? Many rip on Barry Sanders for only playing ten seasons, well Brown only played nine. A very short career for a superb back, retiring at 29 in the prime of his career Brown wasn't showing signs of slowing down. In Brown's last season in just twelve games he had 1,544 yards, and seventeen touchdowns, an amazing last season for sure, but what could Brown have accomplished if he kept going lets try to predict. They say that the average career length for a player that is of Browns caliber is 11.7 years so we will say 12 years. So let's say he'd play three more years. NEW Career Stats: 16,522 yards, and 132 touchdowns.

3. Christian Okoye. Okoye has a different scenario than Brown. Having an extremely physical running style, "The Nigerian Nightmare"  only played six NFL seasons. He did retire the Chiefs Leading runner, Okoye won the Offensive Player of the year in 1989 the same season that he led the league in rushing yards. Okoye could have gone on to be an amazing player, not as good as Brown, but Okoye could have secured himself in a record book somewhere. Lets say Okoye Played four more seasons healthy NEW Career Stats 8,697, 70 touchdowns.

2. Bo Jackson. Jackson goes down as the greatest athlete of all-time, not just succeding in one pro sport, but two. Baseball and Football, and boy was Bo great. Excelling in baseball and doing amazing in Football. Bo got hurt though, which ended up stopping his career, only in the NFL for four seasons, what if he played ten seasons how great would Bo have really been, I guess we will never know. NEW Career Stats: 9 seasons, 7,300 yards, 40 touchdowns. (Bo always missed games resulting in less stats)

1. Barry Sanders. You had to know Sanders was going to be on this list. Often talked about on how he just quit football. Never had signs of slowing up, always putting a lowly Lions team up on his back and carrying them however he could. Barry was still killing in his tenth year, which is why his retirement was such a shock, no injury, no scandal, nothing he just stopped. What could have Barry done in four more years? NEW Career Stats: 20,869 yards, 120 touchdowns

3 Aug

What Will Tebow Really Contribute?

Tim Tebow an all-around great footballer, is now part of his third AFC squad, the Patriots. Why would the Patriots embody themselves in the media circus, a team that loves avoiding media all-together. Tebow trying to play the postition that belongs to the Patriots best player and NFL great Tom Brady. Making it short it's not going to happen, and Tebow obviously knows it. So what will the great Tim Tebow do? On such a strict team that doesn't stray from the game plan, when will Tebow play? 

There's always the option of Tebow filling in at tight end. The Patriots falling short on the list of active tight ends. As Gronk is injured, and Hernandez... well we will just skip that. Tebow being one of the most athletic players in the league, he could probably manage learning a new position. Tim not being your average Quarterback stature. Last season the average height and weight of a quarterback was 6'3 and 220 lbs, Tebow is 6'3 and about 250. Tim added muscle because he knew that he probably was going to play another position that required muscle mass.  So with an extreme lack at tight end maybe there will be a Tebow spotting on the field.

If Tim doesn't play tight end we could always see the possibility of him trying out a spot in the backfield. Now the Pats do have Stevan Ridley carrying the ball, but Tebow could be a short yardage back, or even a fullback. Sure the Fullback is sort of a lost position in the league, but Tebow could serve as some value stuffing linebackers trying to kill Brady. Tebow can pound the rock when Ridley gets tired or even in a game when the Pats are ahead, the backfield is the place I can expect to see Tebow the most.

The last expecting position to see Tebow at is the bench. Yes the bench, but not empty handed with a clipboard learning from the great Brady. This is the position Tebow would benefit most, maybe like an Aaron Rodgers he could learn the way of the quarterback through a Hall Of Fame quarterback before Tebow's career goes down the drain completely. Tebow can settle down, ditch the fame, and learn how to be a quarterback. This is the ultimate plan for Tebow. I hope Belichick will just bench Tebow for his good and the NFL's good.

3 Aug

Teams On The Cusp Of An Era

The Colts. Probably the most random team to select, although I do not think the Colts will do as well as last year I think they will do well in the future though. Building around an all-around quarterback. To me the Colts will be like a better version of the Packers in the future. Luck is the player to build around, if he put up the numbers he did this year, with a roulette of below-average running backs, and throwing to T.Y Hilton, Donnie Avery and a bunch of other less than stellar receivers, imagine what he can do if the Colts can add a decent back, and a few receivers besides Reggie Wayne. Their offense would be unstoppable. I know it's hard to think of, the far future but I truly believe the Colts will be the champs of the AFC South for years to come.

The Falcons. One of the most experienced teams in the NFC the Falcons offer many years of dominance in an ever changing division. The theme of this list will be great quarterbacks. Matt Ryan will be one of the greatest in years to come. Since joining the Birds, Matt Ryan has gone to the postseason four out of five years and has a record of fifty six and twenty four. If Matty Ice only has twenty four losses in five seasons, he is only averaging about four or five losses a season. Obviously good enough for playoff births. Why wouldn't they continue to be a staple hold of the NFC. With a ridiculously good receiving core the Falcons will dominate for years to come.

The Bengals. The most dangerous pick on the list. Always seem to be overlooked, the ever so average Bengals will look to become a playoff team in the future. In a declining division, the Bengals are slowly going to rise up from the middle of the pack. With a extremely young, but talented, and experienced squad, Andy Dalton will lead an offense powered with one of the best wideouts in AJ Green, and in one of the top ten defense in the league. A truly balanced offensive and defensive squad will power the Bengals atop AFC playoff runs in the future years to come.

The 49ers. The most accomplished team on the list, the Niners have been to the Superbowl, and are projected to go again, but that'll be just the start of everything. The 49ers have one of the mot ferocious defenses, smashing all other offenses. Defense isn't the only talented part of this team though, as Collin Kaepernick took the league by storm, carrying this team to the playoffs. Kaep is exceptional, he makes decent players look great and is always a threat to gash a defense on any play. The 49ers will continue to grow as a team and in the next years really dominate the competition.

Tell me what you think down below! 

31 Jul

Teams Due For A Turnaround

Every year in the NFL it seems like there's a few teams that just seem to really make their moving parts click for a fantastic turnaround compared to their previous season. Last year the Redskins, Colts, and Vikings completed their own amazing turnaround all making the postseason. Every team has a shot at the big turnaround, will it be the new looked Chiefs? the revamped Browns? or the renewed Bills? lets take a look deeper at each team.

Chiefs. The Chiefs had a disastrous season last year, going a dismal 2-14, but a need for change gave the Chiefs a new outlook. Firing and signing coaches, and players the Chiefs are a new looked team. Changes from the 2012 season to this year include; Andy Reid is the new Head Coach, got rid of Matt Cassel brought in Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles is healthy, signed Donnie Avery, and drafted Eric Fisher. Now some changes more severe than others. Reid is leaps and bounds ahead of Romeo Crennel, being one of the most important moves. Also replacing Matt Cassel was a great idea. Reid will truly whip this team in shape having a middle of the line defense, just the offense needs repairs. Alex Smith will bring this improvement as through ten games he threw for 1,700 yards, thirteen, touchdowns, and only five picks, way better than Cassel's 1,700 yards, six touchdowns, and twelve interceptions on the season. Bringing Smith in and surrounding him with some supporting cast give the Chiefs a fighting chance this season. Best case scenario  9-7. Worst case scenario 5-11.

Browns. The Browns have been a less than stellar team for what seems like forever but now might their biggest break. In a weakening division, and strengthening as a team the Browns might post a decent record. Another coaching change here, not as severe as the Chiefs but worth mentioning. Signing Davone Best to receiver adds a little depth to a weak offense. The Browns have faith in their last years picks still, Weeden had an up and down season so maybe he'll improve this year, and Richardson really carried the offense with only the sky as his limit. So what improved? The defense. Mingo, Kruger, and McFadden buff up a weak defense to a respectable squad centered around Joe Haden. Best case scenario 9-7. Worst case scenario 4-12

Bills. The Bills have seen better days an everlasting playoff drought and lack of talent has sunk this team. These things combined have allowed the Patriots to demolish the AFC East. Tides may be changing in the East though with an improving Buffalo squad. For starters the firing of Chan, and hiring of Marrone is a toss-up as Marrone isn't an extremely developed coach although he turned around a Syracuse squad. After getting rid of Gailey, they got rid of not so consistent Ryan Fitzpatrick, although the replacement in E.J. Manuel is criticized also, but it just seems like every rookie quarterback is judged before they prove themselves. With a growing C.J. Spiller this team could be an offensive power house with Fred Jackson, C.J, Manuel, Stevie Johnson and more. The Bills have more questions than answers right now and only time will answer these questions. Best case scenario 10-6. worst case scenario 4-12

31 Jul

The "slump"

Last season we saw three great rookie quarterbacks take the reigns of their team and push to the postseason all turning around their mediocre teams to stardom, bringing them each to a postseason appearance. Obviously too good to be true analysts everywhere are speaking of the legend of the "sophomore slump" maybe it'll happen maybe not. Here's a breakdown at the possibilities of each quarterbacks 2013 campaign

Andrew Luck. Probably the most traditional quarterback of the three Luck broke the rookie passing yards record last season with a whopping 4,000 yards to go along with his twenty-three touchdowns. Luck lived up to the first pick expectations, starting from day one turning the last place colts team into a playoff contender. As great as luck did last season a few concerning stats are present. Turnovers. Turnovers are the quickest way out of the NFL as an offensive player. Luck throw the most out of the three quarterbacks with an alarming amount of eight-teen. Although we can't take all the blame off of Luck, he threw 627 times last year, twice as much as Wilson, and Griffin. Looking at Luck's interceptions to attempts he threw about one pick every thirty passes, then taking his attempts I could divide it by six-teen to see his average attempts a game, which is about forty. Looking at those numbers show that Luck would average one pick a game much higher than his two counterparts.Depth. Or lack of it in this instance, one huge question is, does Luck have enough surrounding talent to keep him going? Looking last year the Colts did not have one player rush for over 1,000 yards, and another alarming stat is Luck lead the team with most rushing touchdowns, with five. Taking a look deeper in the numbers between Brown, Carter, and Ballard the longest carry for the Colts was only twenty-six yards, not a long breakaway run at all. Which presents the question can the Colts keep defenses second guessing? With Luck throwing 600 times his rookie year, who knows how many attempts he'll throw this year. My guess is as good as yours.
Robert Griffin. The hardest quarterback to predict on this list. Coming off of that gruesome leg injury who knows how RG3 will return. That of an AP, or maybe not. Factoring that in we are going to dive into his numbers and truly dissect his game, seeing how successful he will be this season.The Leg. Can Griffin keep defenses at bay with a quick dart of the feet like last year or will the injury haunt him like no other. RG3 killed defensives with his scrambling ability, rushing for 800 yards and seven touchdowns. Will he be more timid to run? maybe go down earlier than last year to not take the abuse. Who knows whats in store for Griffin only time will tell. As Griffin is a prolefic passer it's his dual threat that made him elite, he didn't have to throw 600 times he did a little bit of both.Schedule. The Redskins have a rocky road ahead, not the easiest,nor the hardest schedule but a tough one for sure. Besides playing the NFC East opponents, an always competitive division, the Redskins have foes like; a revamped Detroit, a hungry Bears team, and ever so tough San Francisco, and that's just at home. They travel to Atlanta, Green Bay, Minnesota, and Denver all toss up games for sure. So you tell me do you think Griffin will be successful this season.
Russell Wilson. Ah last but not least Russell Wilson. I wouldn't say Wilson is better or worse than the others on this list but he has one thing the others cannot control, depth. The Seahawks got surrounded by talent this off-season as the defense was great, they just needed that one play-maker, and boy did they get him. Now I know Percy Harvin is out till around November, but this is not a death-sentence for a team that put up fifty plus points a few times last year. The Hawks have a fantastic run game and a mediocre receiving core that will be able to get the job done. So that brings the question what will make this year any harder for Wilson? Film and Expectations. Wilson was no shoe-in for the starting job last season as the Hawks drafted him purely as a back up. Every fan had high hopes for Matt Flynn, but he didn't live up to the hype, so in walked Russell. No one had anything to expect from Wilson, not a top tier pick, looked at as undersized, and having a college approach to the game that wouldn't "translate" to the NFL. It did and he ripped teams apart, but now teams have film they know his tendencies, and they know what to expect from good ole Russell. He will no longer shock teams as this is what he'll be expected to do. Will he evolve as a player though? Only time will tell. 

So you tell me in the comments who do you think will avoid the "slump"?

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30 Jul

Does Adrian Peterson Actually Have a Shot at 2,500 yards

Before last season there was one major question mark heading into preseason for the Minnesota Vikings. How will Adrian perform? AP was coming off an ACL injury, which are completely unpredictable in the world of sports. Would he bounce back like Wes Welker? or that of a Carnell Williams? Well Adrian exceeded expectations returning just nine months after surgery to lead the NFL in rushing yards last season, also to note he was only nine yards short of Eric Dickerson's rushing record set back in 1984 seen as an almost unbreakable record. Although Adrian Peterson fell short he set some high expectations for himself this season. 2,500 yards. Is it possible? most say no, but let's break down the numbers. 

Evolution of the game. In an ever changing sport football has shifted toward a more pass friendly league. In 1984 six running backs had over 300 carries four of them had more carries than leading rushing attempt player Arian Foster, in 1984 one running back even had over 400 carries, unheard of in the sport today. This being said Adrian is likely to get around 340 carries again as that was 2nd most in the NFL last season. 

Yards Per Carry. Last season Peterson ranked first among halfbacks with six yards per carry, the same amount as back in Dickerson's days. He actually averaged more than Dickerson did in his Record setting year. AP also averaged about the same yards per game with 131 each. AP is great because he destroys teams with his carries of 20+ yards, having the most last year with 27, 15 more than 2nd place C.J. Spiller, which brings me to believe, Dickerson must have had at least 30 carries of 20+ yards. This would be a big gainer for him. 

Once in a lifetime. Almost every great athlete has that one season this was AP's year. Don't get me wrong AP will have more amazing seasons to come, but this was the one. After Dickerson's 1984 campaign he never rushed for over 2,000 yards again, actually of the top five season yards rusher's none of them ever broke the 2,000 yard mark again. Bringing up the question, can AP do it? 

Re-cap If anything AP will get 2,000 yards again, maybe. I'm not trying to sound like a "troll" or a "hater" but looking at history and at the numbers Dickerson's record is untouchable, let alone 2,500 yards.

30 Jul

Predicting Every Teams Win/Loss



1.      Bengals 10-6 Divisional 4-2    3rd seed Playoffs

2.      Ravens 9-7 Divisional 3-3       2nd wildcard

3.      Steelers 7-9 Divisional 2-4

4.      Browns 6-10 Divisional 1-5


1.      Patriots 10-6 Divisional 5-1    4th seed Playoffs

2.      Dolphins 9-7 Divisional 4-2

3.      Bills 6-10 Divisional 2-4

4.      Jets 2-14 Divisional 1-5


1.      Texans 12-4 Divisional            2nd seed 5-1 Playoffs

2.      Colts 10-6 Divisional 4-2          1st wildcard

3.      Titans 5-11 Divisional 2-4

4.      Jaguars 3-13 Divisional 1-5


1.      Broncos 14-2 Divisional 4-2    1st seed Playoffs

2.      Chargers 7-9 Divisional 4-2

3.      Raiders 4-12 Divisional 2-4

4.      Chiefs 4-12 Divisional 1-5











1.      Packers 11-5 Divisional 3-3    3rd seed Playoffs

2.      Vikings 10-6 Divisional 4-2     2nd wildcard

3.      Bears 10-6 Divisional 3-3

4.      Lions 8-8 Divisional 2-4


1.      Redskins 10-6  Divisional 5-1 4th seed Playoffs

2.      Giants 9-7 Divisional 4-2

3.      Cowboys 7-9 Divisional 2-4

4.      Eagles 3-13 Divisional 1-5


1.      Falcons 12-4 Divisional 3-3     2nd seed Playoffs

2.      Saints 10-6 Divisional 4-2

3.      Buccaneers 7-9 Divisional 3-3

4.      Panthers 4-12 Divisional 1-5


1.      49ers 13-3 Divisional 3-3        1st seed Playoffs

2.      Seahawks 12-4 Divisional 4-2   1st wildcard

3.      Rams 7-9 Divisional 3-3

4.      Cardinals 2-14 Divisional 2-4